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Here's a breif history of what Drag City News was and is now. It was a newspaper started back in 1976 by then Farmington Dragway track operators Jim Turner and Jerry Joyce to PROMOTE racing at Farmington, but to also give their racers extra exposure to the world. Enter Norman Drouilard, Sr, with out his connections in the newspaper printing world, there wouldn't have been a DCN. Again it featured Race Results, Up coming events and features on racers ...but most importantly it had PICTURES. Later I brought it back to life PROMOTING the Carolina Coalition. Like everything else in this world it has gone to computers. There quicker to update and don't cost as much to do. BUT there is still nothing like seeing pictures in news print. What I hope to do here is bring back a little of that past and mix it with todays modern blog.

I want to go back it time, but not get stuck there. I want to keep a posting on local track races, race results and it's racers. Bascicly have a daily newspaper for anyone interested in the world of drag racing.


Mark Joyce

Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Monday....Monday....... Let's Go back To the Weekend Again!

Before he was a Big Dog Champion at Piedmont. Ronnie Gardner and his brother Randy was Top Eliminator contenders back in the day at Farmington.
The Farm Crew from 1996!
Frank Teague's first of two BIG 5 second wins came in 1984 as he defeated the "Carolina Hooker" Corvette of Ken Regenthal.

Even though Bob Harris has never enjoyed to much winning success at Farmington. He was able to make it to the big $5,000.00 to win finals at Farmington back in the early '80's. Dennis Swaim defeated him that Sunday afternoon for the win, but not before "Big Daddy" was runner-up that same 4th of July weekend. First at Roxboro and secondly at Piedmont in his "Chevy Charger".

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's........Whose em folks?

She was a chute Junior Dragster driver. That runs TOP Dragster now with the BIG BOYS?

He was a drag racing pioneer with his Ford's?

This women is still greeting us at Farmington?

He's now running Foot Brake and dad is still Junior Dragster crazy?

He went on to win Farmington's first Quartermaster Race Cars Big 5 second race in 1983?
This young man is still burning up the track with his "Attitude Adjustment" Camaro?

Good Times at the Bracket Finals!

Before he drove for Don Plemmons this Pro Mod racer drove for the Parson Brothers?

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Finally Friday.......Let's Race!

The Smith Family have been attending races at Farmington for over twenty plus years. Before Stuart was a Dragster driver he raced his dad Johnny's Chevrolet Monza.
It's amazing how the Junior Dragster racers of yesterday have grown up. Last year's Big 5 second runner-up Billy Varner III (left) and the hired gun for Mark "kid' Jones/JW Motorsports driver Mike "Skinny Kid" Heath (right) seen here with the wise one "Big Mo Dee" Darrin McClaughterty.

The spring time also means Quick 8 Pro Mod time at Farmington Dragway. Always the biggest kick off race the Farm has ever had has been our annual Easter Saturday Night event. Todd Tutterow cut his teeth at Farmington racing the Quick 8 Racers Assoc. events. Seen here back in the '90's driving the Larry Tutterow owned Texas Pete sponsored Pontiac.  Don't forget Saturday, April 23rd's annual Easter Quick 8 and Pro Tree Madness/ Junior Dragster Spring Fling.

"Big Head" Mikey Walters picked up his revamped Dragster the other Saturday from the shop's of Newport, TN's Richard Boilings. Mikey had him put a new swing arm style rear suspension under his Race Tech built Dragster. Plus a new dash along with slick new powder coating. Mikey will be busy installing a new race pack dash along with extra little goodies. Just as soon as he gets back from China.

Not to brag.....but back in the day the Farm hosted some of the baddest big money races called Pro Drag Series. The good money and good racers could be found on a Pro Drag Sunday at the Farm, as seen here with two former PDS winners Rusty York in his Pontiac Gran Prix and "Mr. Bad News Travels Fast" Woodrow Bracket.

Before he was a championship Pro Stock crew chief Hillsville, VA's Tommy Utt raced weekly for Roger Wilson in his Dragster and Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Dawg Watch Is On To First Quick 8 Mad Dawg "Two Wide" May 28 at Mooresville

Just got this sketch and press release into today from two time Mooresville Quick 8 Mad Dawg “two wide” winner Chris Rini of Carmel, NY. Rini, has set his aim at collected more Mad Dawg wins in 2011 at Mooresville and becoming the first member of the new Mega Machine Shop, Inc 3 second Elite 8 club. If you remember in testing last year, Rini ballasted off a 3.999 ET in his Buck racing Engines powered ATI Performance Products Dodge Stratus. Get ready for Saturday, May 28th, as the “yanks” will attempt to put their new Jerry Bickel 1969 Chevrolet Camaro in the Mega 3 second club and take the Quick 8 Mad Dawg win back up north.

 Hot of an impressive 2010 NMCA Pro Street Championship, Chris Rini is coming back in 2011 with a full assault to keep the #1 on the racecar for a while. The 2010 season was a great year, setting records and scoring wins. With a major revamping of the rules for 2011 Chris will have a new car in trailer this year ….Jerry Bickel has been contracted to build a state of the art light weight 1969 Camaro….yes, changing over from a Mopar body to a Chevy body is going to be something for everyone to see.
  The new car is scheduled for delivery towards the end of February then off to kooks for a complete set of custom headers …..We are looking to do some testing at mike hill’s automatic race in Jackson, sc on March 11th – 12th and then off to defend the title in March 18th-20th at Bradenton, fl for the 1st NMCA race in 2011 were we won in 2010.
 ATI performance products will continue to be the primary sponsor on the new car with an all new paint design….ATI has been working hard at perfecting and bringing their superglide- 4 transmission and converter package to the forefront of the racing industry. Last year was the introduction of the superglide-4 with a lock-up converter and it proved itself at the end of the year to be the winning ticket as Chris established the ET and mph record at NMCA with a 6.15 at 234 mph.
 Charlie Buck of Buck Racing engines will continue to provide the big horsepower with an updated 825 cubic inch 5.30” bore space motor. Charlie has truly turned out to be the fix for all my motor issues in the past and his dedication to our team is just what was needed to keep us running strong.
  I would also like to thank continued supporters and great companies that have come on board for 2011, which include: ATI Performance Products, Kooks Custom Headers, Car Quest, Speedtech, Areomotive Inc., XS Power, VP Racing Fuels, Ross Pistons, Goodyear & GRP Connecting Rods.
 The same crew will be intact for 2011 with Scott Cozzali and Tim Davis ready to do battle setting records and collecting wins. Special thanks to
John Lane
, John Brady, George Rumores, Lambert Family and all the help from behind the scenes. See you at the races.

More to come next week……. Dawg Watch 2011… Countdown to the Mad Dawg Quick 8 Door Car Jam-A-Rama Saturday, May 28th at the legendary Mooresville Dragway.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's Child

Michelle Furr..... I found this Winner's Circle photography from the day. She's with her dad Ron Privett, long time drag racer from Galax, VA, who raced at Farmington, East Bend, Elk Creek any many other drag strips. I see hubby Rick and I believe her brother John is in the early '90's pic.

This is one of my favorite Tommy Mauney built and raced entries that came through the gates of the Farm. The "easter egg" '41 Willy's was a fan favorite......and check out the win light taker on the front...cool!
I've got a video tape of a Farm Quick 8 with TM in this car that I've got to get made into a DVD. I may have to see if Myk Patterson can help me with that. Oh...thanks for that great video Myk of the early Pro Stockers!
Oh my goodness.....can you believe this former Junior Dragster kids have grown up?
Ronnie Beal of Street Machines/ Beal Racing Engines was our major Junior sponsor back in the day. He's seen here presenting (left to right) Brian Baker, Michelle Black, Cameron Manual, Randy Williams and Jordan Wike their trophies and cash.
Blake Wiggins of Monroe, NC held the Quick 8 Farmington ET record for a while with a unheard of then 4.56 ET. Not bad for a 150 concrete pad and a very rough asphalt race surface. His TM built and Fulton powered "Wicked Wanda" Pontiac was a top gun in the early days of Quick 8 wars.

OLD Skool MJ Promoted Events for 2011

 A busy season of drag racing is quickly approaching and I can't wait. Just like the warmth of spring weather the opening Quick 8 Pro Mod/PRO TREE MADNESS & Junior Dragster Spring Fling #2 Easter Saturday, April 23rd, at Farmington Dragway will soon be apon us. This year I will be back weekly helping race director and announce at Farmington, but also pedaling T-Shirts at all Quick 8 and special events. I'm also proud to be back for a sixth season promoting the Quick 8 "Two Wide" Mad Dawgs/ ALL Door Cars with TOP Dragster Series at Mooresville Dragway. Thanks to the Leazer Family for allowing me to do what I love the best......that's put on drag races.  Plus, I will be helping Jim Turner at Piedmont Dragway co-promote the return of another lost Labor Day Monday Tradition the 4&5 second Shootout Monday, September 5th and the inaugural North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame event November 19th and 20th at Piedmont. I can't wait for this NC Hall of Fame event in November as it will end our race season and the Hal of Fame Ceremonies will kick off our race season.
I call my promotions OLD Skool MJ because that's what I am old school. I came from a period of time were you had to promote with no budget (money) and that fits good in these times too. Remember back in the early 80's there was No Computers, No Face Book, No Emails. But that isn't a bad thing now. I wouldn't be doing this blog spot if there wasn't a computer. No hate...you must learn to adjust to the times. I still believe in a US Mailed Flyer that you can read, but also one you can get quicker through email. That's why I'm offering a $5.00 off discount for folks that email me their address. Email me at maddawgseries@yahoo.com for a $5.00 Off Coupon and Mad Dawg Decals....thanks!

Check out ALL MY  OLD SKOOL/MJ Promoted events:
APRIL 23- PRO TREE MADNESS and Junior Dragster Spring Fling – FARMINGTON Dragway
MAY 27-28- MAD DAWG SERIES DOOR CAR JAM-A-RAMA & Stick Shift Championships
JUNE 25- Quick 8 Pro Mods & “KINGS of the STREET”  Fast-n-down #1
JULY 22-23- 6th Annual MAD DAWG SERIES DOOR CARpalooza
AUGUST 6th- Annual “NIGHT of FIRE” Jet Semi-Truck- Clash of the Carolina Quick 8’s, Super     
       Stock/Stock Combo and  TOP, Foot Brake & Gamblers Races
SEPTEMBER 5- 4&5 second SHOOTOUT at Piedmont- PIEDMONT Dragway
SEPTEMBER 16-17-18 Annual D-1 IHRA Summit TEAM FINALS 2 Farmington Dragway
SEPTEMBER 24- Quick 8 Pro Mods and Mad Dawg ALL Door Cars with TOP Dragster Series
OCTOBER 8-9 – 6th Annual 4&5 second Shootout at Mooresville – MOORESVILLE Dragway
OCTOBER 14-15-16- 2nd annual Jerry & Norman LEGENDS of the Farm Weekend- FARMINGTON
OCTOBER 28-29-30- 28th Annual BIG 5 Second SHOOTOUT WEEKEND at the FARM- FARMINGTON
NOVEMBER 12-13- 18th Annual FOOT Brake Nationals Weekend & MJ CHAMPIONS Showdown III
NOVEMBER 19-20- 1st Annual NORTH CAROLINA Drag Racing Hall of Fame Event- PIEDMONT
NOVEMBER 24-25-26-27  18th Annual Thanksgiving MONEYFEST at the FARM – FARMINGTON

Mooresville Banquet Honors the Gaint Killer Eddie Moore

I have often said that bracket racing/drag racing has always been the people's sport. Eddie Moore proved that once again this past year as he won the BIGGEST drag race in his whole racing career. "The Giant Killer" Moore took on the southeast's best to take the 2010 IHRA Summit TEAM FINAL TOP ET CHAMPIONSHIP representing TEAM MOORESVILLE MAD DAWG at the Farmington hosted Team Finals in September. Eddie was presented a special Champions Poster along with regular season points champions Chris Warren (TOP Eliminator), Chris Plott (Foot Brake), Mitchell Harkey (4x Junior Dragster), Sonya Byrd (Real Street) and Scottie Keller (Motorcycles). His biggest supporter and fan, daughter LeAnn was presented the "Crew Person of the Year" by Jody Leazer. She is probably as tough on Eddie as he on himself at the races and can be found right there in the waterbox with her dad.