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Here's a breif history of what Drag City News was and is now. It was a newspaper started back in 1976 by then Farmington Dragway track operators Jim Turner and Jerry Joyce to PROMOTE racing at Farmington, but to also give their racers extra exposure to the world. Enter Norman Drouilard, Sr, with out his connections in the newspaper printing world, there wouldn't have been a DCN. Again it featured Race Results, Up coming events and features on racers ...but most importantly it had PICTURES. Later I brought it back to life PROMOTING the Carolina Coalition. Like everything else in this world it has gone to computers. There quicker to update and don't cost as much to do. BUT there is still nothing like seeing pictures in news print. What I hope to do here is bring back a little of that past and mix it with todays modern blog.

I want to go back it time, but not get stuck there. I want to keep a posting on local track races, race results and it's racers. Bascicly have a daily newspaper for anyone interested in the world of drag racing.


Mark Joyce

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Turn It Back On Thursday....Photo's That Is

Before he was "Running Against the Wind" Reidsville, NC's Allan Walker was "Under Pressure"! It was good to see the Mopar ace at my MJ Christmas Function the other week. He got to go through the hundreds of photo's I have and I couldn't resist to put his Plymouth on the page of fame.
A pair of early Foot Brake pioneers here....David Boggs and Ronald Thomas. That's the world famous Pontiac of the late David Boggs that made him famous at the local tracks in the early '80's. Ronald, the brother of seven time Farmington champion Donald Thomas, drove most of the time in his dad Arvil's Mopar's barefooted. Back when this picture was taking there was just three classes TOP (0-6.99), MOD 7.00 to 8.99 and a 9 second street class. There wasn't any dealy boxes...lol
With the new year quickly approaching I had to put this photo of the late Norman Drouillard, Sr and Tommy Greene. Norman, was a long time co-owner of Farmington Dragway and Tommy was on of the best announcers in the business. "Just Pick You Out One and Ride with him" could be heard by T.G. over the PA at a Farmington Quick 8 back in the day. My favorite line of Norm's was "why aren't there no cars going down the track" Mark?....lol  They were two legendary men in are business and are truly missed. But we've got the memories to hang on to.

Before Big Dogs There Was Carolina Born Pro Stock at Piedmont

Before there was BIG DOG's at Piedmont Dragway, it was the outlaw southern style Pro Stock capital of the world. It wasn't uncommon for top Pro Stock driver to mix it up with local southern "run what you brung" racers on a given Sunday at Piedmont.
As seen here there has always been a good crowd on hand for the best in Door Car Racing at Piedmont Dragway. Don't forget about upcoming 9th Annual Shriners Drag Racing & Hot Rod EXPO January 21-22, 2011 at the Greensboro Coliseum. This year long time veteran southern style Pro Stock racer Sam Carroll will be inducted into the 2011 North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame, along with Pro Mod racers Ronnie Hood and Charles Carpenter along with ET racing pioneer Steve Taylor. Go to www.piedmontdragway.com for more information about the Expo and upcoming Big Dog and Door Car races in 2011.

Monday, December 27, 2010

1974 - Southern Style Pro Stock

Thanks to Mike Hutchens for sending me this cool early '70's video of Southern Style Pro Stock. This was took two years before my dad and Jim starting running Farmington. It starts out at Piedmont Dragway and the Farmington race distance looked to be a 1/5th a mile. You can see it could a little hairy back then, but it was exciting. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas........let's go for a ride!

Nice Vega! I wish those kids would seat down, where I can hit the gas. This car is one my dad built along with tons of help from Clyde Mendenhall and driver Fred Turner. It was built like any other car of its day in your backyard. They raced local at Piedmont and other tracks in the south that would feature "Run What U Brung" Southern style Pro Stock. I'm thinking the car would run close to 9.0's in the quarter. Not to bad for a stock floor board, small block powered manual transmission Vega of the early '70's. I will post more photo's of the "Lil Dude" Vega of Mendenhall, Joyce & Turner.
What a big family we have in DRAG RACING........I can't thank all the folks that was able to attend my Christmas Function this past Saturday, December 18th. We had a whole new group mixed in with the MJ regulars. If you've never been, I guess it's like an old Farmington Banquet without a charge. First group through the door was Lones, Helen and Michael Combs fom Fancy Gap, VA., it's always good to see the VA Hillbilly in the house. People don't know but Lones was super good ET racer back in the day with his 1957 Chevrolet. He won and runner-up in several of our big money PRO DRAG SERIES races in the early '80's. Keep a shifting Lones your the best and Michael you get practiced up someone has to carry on the racing.

It was good to see Larry and Sandy Williams back at the function along with her brother Dan, his wife Janet and  her sister Sandra. Boy Dan can still tell all the old racing stories that I love to hear over and over again. I was in some of them....lol  But Sisy and Big Larry have been a main part of my family for years, seen here back in the early '80's racing their street Camaro. Larry went on in 1989 to win a TOP Championship on a long and pro tree. That will have to be another blog day.He later retired from the driving seat to let his wife take a shot at TOP racing. to this day.....Sis's 1995 IHRA Team Finals win at Maryland over "Big Daddy" Bob Harris still ranks as ONE of the best runs I've witness. She helped Farmington take their first of eight Summit Team Finals championships. It was also good to see their son's Brian "BB" Williams and Michael Shane back at the function. This past summer we nearly lost "BB" so we are all greatful  to have him here with us. The total turn around award has to go to Shane...keep up the good work friend and thanks to his photo taking wife Ms. Audrey. 
Another first timer in the house was North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame inductee Mike Boyles and his wife Wanda. I can't describe how much Mike Boyles has done for the world of drag racing. That's a story in itself that Darrin McClaugherty could tell on his "Straight Talk" Internet show on pitrowradio.com. Boyles had gear jamming friends Ronnie Flynt and James Stoneman in the MJ shop with him. Special thanks to Mike and all the Gear Jamming racers that supported my DOOR CAR jam-a-rama Stick Shift Championship this past May at Mooresville. Mike displayed his legendary "Good Ole Charlie Brown" in the town of Mooresville before that race. Also, hats off to all the stick shift volunteers that rode young and old alike down the drag strip to help rise money for Chuck Martin. Thanks again and I can't wait until this years race rolls around again at Mooresville May 27-28-29, 2011.
We have good people that dedicate their weekend's and lives working at a drag strip.....while you play. Darrin McClaugherty and Clint Atkins are just two of many, and it was good to see them for the first time at my MJ Function. "Big Mo" was as busy as usually showing off his knowledge of drag racing. I seen him talking over the good times with David and Rhonda Lambert and first time function attendees Steve and Rhonda Keller. Darrin started out coming to the races with Mike Boyles and then going on to crew for Mark "the Kid" Jones. Me and Norman talked him into doing race reports for the track and then we figured this guy needed to be on a PA (maybe not on Friday's....lol ain't that rite Cindy Wood?...lol) Big Mo announces all the Door Car style races whether it be at Farmington, Piedmont and Mooresville.
Clint, who came through for just a minute with his two children started racing at Farmington and Piedmont back in his high school days. Finished up in the points (above picture) with his Super B back in the day with all of Foot Brakes elite at Farmington. He's still good a Buick GN that he likes to take to the track. We just got to get that mailman out there now to grudge race him...lol. Anyway Clint started working for Farmington back in the day and has seen duty at every post. He still works there on Friday Nights, but also works Zmax Dragway and will help promote the big Buick show and race in May at Piedmont Dragway. PS: I can't leave Clint's wife Julie that works the computer on Sunday's.
 I was especially glad to see Norman Drouillard, Jr at my function. Wife Sam couldn't make it, but Thanks Sam for the homemade bread. It had been over a year since we lost his dad Norman Drouillard, Sr. and I was glad to see Junior out about among the racing family. You don't know how much you miss someone until they have gone. I still miss my dad every day and he passed away November 25, 1986. I know I miss Norman, Sr's wisdom and wit.  Norman, Jr took a good part of our pictures and I know with the tracks banquets coming up. It brought back memories seeing Howie Adams, LeAnn Flynt, James Stoneman, Ronnie Flynt and many others going through the hundreds of old Farmington and drag racing pictures. Thanks Norman, Jr your the best! (Note: Above Norman, Jr is presenting thirteen time Farmington Dragway champion Arthur Bryant yet another champion back in the late 80's).  Thanks for all the memories.....MJ
Everyone has a blessed CHRISTMAS and a Great New Year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Monday......."let's race"

 Phil Honaker aka..the "Rooster" seen here with a pair of tough Foot Brakers Eugene Ross (in the center) an the late Arvil Thomas. Must have been an old greasy split going on here?
Before he ran TOP Fuel and purchase Wilkesboro Raceway Park, Danny Dunn ran in the ET wars of the day. Danny was an original member of the Farm's 5 second club back in the early '80's.
The produce man from Cana, VA Mike Hawks seen here showing off the underneath of  his John Deere Green "Country Mouse" Vega. He can tell you about a Farm mishap with the guard rail on one of those wild wheel stands. This photo is for the Rooster!
I'm counting the days to the upcoming Shriner's Drag Racing & Hot Rod Expo January 21-22, 2011 at the Greensboro Coliseum. It's the mid winter break we need to get us pumped up for the 2011 racing season. Also, will inductee four new members into the North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame. They will include former southern style Pro Stock ace "Slammin" Sammy Carroll, Mr. Shoebox" Charles Carpenter, Ronnie "the Shoe" Hood and the "Professor" the late Steve Taylor. Make your plans to attend the ceremonies on Saturday, January 22, at 1:30 PM. We'll also salute our 2010 Inductees Mike Boyles, Gene Fulton, Elmer Trett, Jeff Taylor and Rickie Smith. Hopefully the weather this year will be a little more warmer and drier.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Function Is Still On This Saturday @ MJ Printing in K-Ville

If you haven't been re informed. My annual Christmas Function and Chicken Stew will be held again this Saturday, December 18th at my PRINT SHOP in Kernersvllle, NC.  I had earlier moved it to the "Game Room" at Farmington. Then I realized the fact my mom and other folks that don't need to be that far away from the house that late isn't cool. So I've moved it back to the print shop. I apologize for the the mix up. Everything gets started around 5 PM. It's what i call a floating deal. Just float in for a second or hour to say hi. Get something to eat or just talk or look at pictures. It's All Good and Everyone and Anyone is invited to stop in...who knows we may have a free shirt of too.
Thanks and everyone have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a better New Year!

Remember The Day.......there not forgotten on Fridays

 You may know this man from dragraceresults.com as Mike Hawks. This former Farmington Dragway champion from Cana, VA (via Yadkinville, NC) grew up drag racing. He's probably drove as many cars as Deat Buckner has owned......and that's alot. Seen hear back in day running Hot Rod with his Odie's Speed Wagon. I would have to say that was one of more favorite Hawks owned cars. The John Deere Vega was cool too.
 The fastest moving man on two feet...Alvin Dilldine has long been a main stay in the world of local drag racing. This Tennessee wild man loved horsepower a long time ago, moving to High Point/Thomasville he has raced a little of everything in his forty plus years. But Alvin is probably know more for his announcing as he has been calling races since the getting his start at Piedmont Dragway. He tickled me at at Carolina Coalition race at Rockingham. Where a bunch of drag racers having good time got a little too loud and hah kept a working guy up. Needless to say I have no clue who that group was....but anyway......Alvin got on the PA in his straight but racer style of announcing and said "he hoped all those folks live long and all their badies are born naked".  That's what make Alvin's style of announcing different he knows what racers are up to, in a car in the pits and where.....cause he's a racer.  Hope to see Alvin and Linda at my function on Saturday. Promise we want keep any neighbor's up...lol
You know what I have always loved about DRAG RACING...? Is that it doesn't discriminate against anyone or any car. For some reason I've always like the VW. It's bodied lines, to the wild paint schemes have always been cool to me. Plus the fact they shouldn't being going that fast has always set they apart, but then not, it's drag racing. Jerry and Terry Cornatzer seen here at Rockingham's IHRA National event running then MODIFIED was long time Farmington racers. Jerry, driver of the HumBug from Mocksville, NC cut his teeth in the early '80's racing weekly with brother Terry's famed "HUMBUG" VW. They gave the NC Hall of Fame member Gene Fulton heck back in the day too. They had defeated the former IHRA Modified World Champion Fulton in the finals of a IHRA Pro Am at Piedmont that sent out the word VW power is for real.  The legend on the HunBug lives on know with David Cornatzer, whose dad Terry past away a few years ago. You can still see the "HumBug" racing at select SEVWA events at Farmington and Piedmont. You can go to www.SEVWA.com for event information.
 You know at this time of Christmas and all the giving that goes on....it never stops at a DRAG  RACE. You say....your crazy...yeah. but think of all the times in DRAG RACING that other competitors have gone out of their way to help the fellow racer. I've send times when our weekly racers would take new racers in and make them fill welcome. It could be from just pointing out the goods and bads of a track to just coming up and saying "Hi" and Welcome to the Farm, or the Dirty Mo or anywhere.  The late Bobby Tilley, winner of the Farm's First Pro Drag Series championship back in 1980,  seen here working on a guys Ford. Is an good of example of fellow racer lending a helping hand when they could. Bobby's son Chad Tilley has gone on to win bracket and Big Dog races.
I guess that's why I've aways been glad to be apart of should a great social group that call their selves DRAG RACERS.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quick 8 Mad Dawg Warriors On the Move for 2011

News in from the "We Fly Together" race team is that the two time Mooresville Mad Dawg winning Chevrolet Corvette has been sold. The "Rock" says there is a new Camaro in the works....more to come.
Charles and Tracy Terrell broke into the "THREE SECOND ZONE" recently at a Quick 8 at Coastal Plains with their supercharged Ford Mustang. That was also in legal Piedmont Big Dog weight. This could be interesting come the first dog race April of 2011.

The husband and wife Mad/Big Dog team of Jamie and Ghia Chappell are in a rock and a hard spot going into 2011. Their ex-Pro Stock Pontiac built by Stroupe Race Cars was a good tenth behind the competition last year with their 632 Albert built motor. Jamie is looking to either step up to a BIGGER motor or drop back to the Renegade class. The new Piedmont weight rules favorite the bigger cubes in 2011?!?

Let the Bench Racing Begin!

It's that time of the year....to "Bench Race" and reflect back on 2010. As we grow older there is fewer young people getting into the world of local drag racing. Main reason is MONEY, but secondly we haven't changed the way we've bracket race in over thirty years. I hate that word "Bracket", see we need to change that to fit modern times. We haven't bracketed (put cars on a ladder) at Farmington or Mooresville in over twenty some years........anyway.  ET Dial-in racing was started to make it FAIR for all to be competitive. It's the only motorsports class that doesn't discriminate against your money, skin, sex or really anything. So as we get ready for 2011...another decade...let's try to put or minds together and help promote what is a dying sport in Drag Racing.......Handicap drag racing.
 The Farmington Dragway Banquet is scheduled for Saturday, January 15, 2011 at the Village Inn in Clemmons, NC its a RSVP deal. Contach Sandy Collins at 336-465-1018 to get your tickets. They'll salute the 2010 Farmington Track Champions, and hand out special awards. Plus they'll have a super picture presontaaion and "Bad Brad" the DJ will be back to play all the music.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Againts All Odds Tommy Plott Is The Winner

How can you hate?  Against all odds in a car that he wasn’t that familiar with Tommy Plott went to another final round this past weekend at Carolina Dragway’s BIG Bucks race. Having broke the motor in his Race tech Dragster on Saturday.  Good racing friend Thomas Dunford loaned him his two entries and his Undercover Dragster for Sunday.. Tommy being the person he is, gave away his own entries to Paul Mosley and Floyd Edick so they would have a double in Sunday’s event. Overcoming cooling track conditions and a few little timing gremlins, TP marched to the finals to go runner-up in Dunford’s ride. The red hot Plott had won a week earlier at Farmington’s Moneyfest 10k in his Beal racing Engines, Hank Thomas Performance Race Tech Dragster. That marked the first time in his long rich racing history at Farmington that he had won that big of a race. Earlier this year Tommy had took the car he treasured the most his 1965 Ford Mustang to a win on a Friday Big Money Gamblers race. Some fifteen years later and a lot of work by him and friends the old “Slow Ride” was back on track as the “Fast Ride.
That shows if you attack something with a passion like Tommy Plott you can over come anything. Wife Sherry Plott “says we may not have the Dragster ready for Kinston (the first on January 2011) but a red hot Tommy and the Mustang will be ready”. I here you gal….when your hot your hot and Tommy Plott is just that.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Oldies..... But Good Ones

Before Sandy Williams starting working at Piedmont Dragway, she was drag racing there too! Ask Bob Harris...lol
Former two time IHRA World Champion (Super Rod and Super Stock) at the Rock with his Vega. Notice NHRA and former IHRA World Champion David Rampy getting some pointers from DB!
Super Stock and Modified were the early show back in the '70's and '80's at Farmington Dragway. They were the forerunners of Quick 8. Note The Dalton gang and the Hillbilly Man Lones Combs parked in what is now the top of the staging lanes.
Can you identify the two Pro Stocks going down a early qualifying run at one of three IHRA WCS (Pro Ams) we had between 1981 and 1983?
Big Daddy Don Plemmons (top photo) in his wheel standing Camaro was a main stay at Farmington back in the late '70's every Friday night at the Farm. Jerry Williams Thunderbird at Rockingham's IHRA National event back in the day.

Dollars Day Just Like Old Times At The Farm

What would the end of the year be....without the annual Farmington Dragway Dollars Day Flea Market and Race?  It's always been my favorite and it always was Norman Drouillard and Jerry Joyce's favorite when they started the event back in 1983. They would have been proud to see all the folks that braved the cold, cloudy and snowy day to sell and buy their wears. Yours truly was there and I was glad to see a lot of folks out and about. Thanks to all that bought up on the 5 for $10.00 shirts, hope you enjoy them in warmer weather. Chad was glad to sale a few things, but like most racers he ends up buying more than he sold...lol. Thanks to David Lambert for the hamburger it hit the spot and it was good to talk to Ray Williams for a while. He ended up buy some pistons and rods from Chad to make him a new 555 cu in motor for his Oldsmobile. Hud you'll be busy this winter....lol. Sorry Norman, Jr I didn't get back down to the guy with the "Sling Shot" Dragster frame for sale on our row. If anyone knows who he was or has a number let me know 336-480-8481.

 Getting back to the day.....yesterday brought back memories of racing in the snow at the Farm. (Don't get me wrong. Yesterday was NO day to try to race). Back ten years ago cars were a little slower, but we didn't put as much work in getting the track ready like Jason and John do now. Son....give me a little VHT and we was racing then and it didn't cost to much to do. So yesterday we would have been fighting a losing battle......IT SNOWED more than a flake.  BUT the good was in the flea market and the goods that was laid out in the Farm pit area and the PEOPLE we got to talk to and see. I was glad to see Jody and Corey Leazer of Mooresville Dragway out and about at the Farm's Market of Goods. Jody had a Mustang for sale and was wanting to buy that Dragster Rick Varner had for sale for son Corey. They were also in attendance at Farmington and Piedmont's big Foot Brake races with their Nova.
 Also...Congratulations to Mike Hutchens the now two time PTRA - Pro Tree Eliminator champion. He was in the house with his collection of drag toys. Got to say hello to Mike Hawks, a former Farm TOP Champion and his young son. Hope he gets to feeling batter and can join us next year for the 2011 Jerry and Norman's LEGENDS of the Farm event. Heard from "Big" Ernie Humes that they are putting a bigger tire and motor under the 2010 Farmington and Piedmont Dragway Foot Brake championship Dodge Demon of son Ernie for 2011. Big Ernie (in shorts now) told me that are looking for some 6.50's and more mile per hour with this already deadly combination. Sounds like the Foot Brake world better watch out for "Lil Ernie" again in 2011. Remember the Mopar ace also won the Div.1 IHRA Team Finals title in MOD ET back in September at Farmington for Team Farm.
Again ....had a great time just hanging out in the pit area and talking to folks. I just don't get to do that enough during the year from working the tower. So it was good do that and also listen to Ray Williams and James Overcash's war stories (drag racing wars that is). Glenn Ferguson, Jr came by also a said they've put new disc brakes on the families Ford, and they're getting new wheels for the three time IHRA Hot Rod world championship Fairlane. Glenn, Jr. says he plans to run some NHRA Division 2 Super Street (10.90) events this coming year along with regular IHRA Hot Rod.
 Look forward also to running the now twice rescheduled "Race of Champions" event for all 2009-2010 race winners at Farmington Dragway in TOP Eliminator, Foot Brake and Junior Dragster some time in March 2011. Hope that don't get snowed out...lol... anyway....
Don't forget my annual MJ's Function and Chicken Stew has been moved to the "Game Room" at Farmington and it will be Saturday, December 18th. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the food, pictures and fellowship. Things get started around 5 PM and please bring any old pictures, papers and stories..also anyone wanting to bring a side dish or dessert you are more than welcome. Hope to see you there. MJ