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Here's a breif history of what Drag City News was and is now. It was a newspaper started back in 1976 by then Farmington Dragway track operators Jim Turner and Jerry Joyce to PROMOTE racing at Farmington, but to also give their racers extra exposure to the world. Enter Norman Drouilard, Sr, with out his connections in the newspaper printing world, there wouldn't have been a DCN. Again it featured Race Results, Up coming events and features on racers ...but most importantly it had PICTURES. Later I brought it back to life PROMOTING the Carolina Coalition. Like everything else in this world it has gone to computers. There quicker to update and don't cost as much to do. BUT there is still nothing like seeing pictures in news print. What I hope to do here is bring back a little of that past and mix it with todays modern blog.

I want to go back it time, but not get stuck there. I want to keep a posting on local track races, race results and it's racers. Bascicly have a daily newspaper for anyone interested in the world of drag racing.


Mark Joyce

Monday, December 27, 2010

1974 - Southern Style Pro Stock

Thanks to Mike Hutchens for sending me this cool early '70's video of Southern Style Pro Stock. This was took two years before my dad and Jim starting running Farmington. It starts out at Piedmont Dragway and the Farmington race distance looked to be a 1/5th a mile. You can see it could a little hairy back then, but it was exciting. 

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