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Here's a breif history of what Drag City News was and is now. It was a newspaper started back in 1976 by then Farmington Dragway track operators Jim Turner and Jerry Joyce to PROMOTE racing at Farmington, but to also give their racers extra exposure to the world. Enter Norman Drouilard, Sr, with out his connections in the newspaper printing world, there wouldn't have been a DCN. Again it featured Race Results, Up coming events and features on racers ...but most importantly it had PICTURES. Later I brought it back to life PROMOTING the Carolina Coalition. Like everything else in this world it has gone to computers. There quicker to update and don't cost as much to do. BUT there is still nothing like seeing pictures in news print. What I hope to do here is bring back a little of that past and mix it with todays modern blog.

I want to go back it time, but not get stuck there. I want to keep a posting on local track races, race results and it's racers. Bascicly have a daily newspaper for anyone interested in the world of drag racing.


Mark Joyce

Friday, December 17, 2010

Remember The Day.......there not forgotten on Fridays

 You may know this man from dragraceresults.com as Mike Hawks. This former Farmington Dragway champion from Cana, VA (via Yadkinville, NC) grew up drag racing. He's probably drove as many cars as Deat Buckner has owned......and that's alot. Seen hear back in day running Hot Rod with his Odie's Speed Wagon. I would have to say that was one of more favorite Hawks owned cars. The John Deere Vega was cool too.
 The fastest moving man on two feet...Alvin Dilldine has long been a main stay in the world of local drag racing. This Tennessee wild man loved horsepower a long time ago, moving to High Point/Thomasville he has raced a little of everything in his forty plus years. But Alvin is probably know more for his announcing as he has been calling races since the getting his start at Piedmont Dragway. He tickled me at at Carolina Coalition race at Rockingham. Where a bunch of drag racers having good time got a little too loud and hah kept a working guy up. Needless to say I have no clue who that group was....but anyway......Alvin got on the PA in his straight but racer style of announcing and said "he hoped all those folks live long and all their badies are born naked".  That's what make Alvin's style of announcing different he knows what racers are up to, in a car in the pits and where.....cause he's a racer.  Hope to see Alvin and Linda at my function on Saturday. Promise we want keep any neighbor's up...lol
You know what I have always loved about DRAG RACING...? Is that it doesn't discriminate against anyone or any car. For some reason I've always like the VW. It's bodied lines, to the wild paint schemes have always been cool to me. Plus the fact they shouldn't being going that fast has always set they apart, but then not, it's drag racing. Jerry and Terry Cornatzer seen here at Rockingham's IHRA National event running then MODIFIED was long time Farmington racers. Jerry, driver of the HumBug from Mocksville, NC cut his teeth in the early '80's racing weekly with brother Terry's famed "HUMBUG" VW. They gave the NC Hall of Fame member Gene Fulton heck back in the day too. They had defeated the former IHRA Modified World Champion Fulton in the finals of a IHRA Pro Am at Piedmont that sent out the word VW power is for real.  The legend on the HunBug lives on know with David Cornatzer, whose dad Terry past away a few years ago. You can still see the "HumBug" racing at select SEVWA events at Farmington and Piedmont. You can go to www.SEVWA.com for event information.
 You know at this time of Christmas and all the giving that goes on....it never stops at a DRAG  RACE. You say....your crazy...yeah. but think of all the times in DRAG RACING that other competitors have gone out of their way to help the fellow racer. I've send times when our weekly racers would take new racers in and make them fill welcome. It could be from just pointing out the goods and bads of a track to just coming up and saying "Hi" and Welcome to the Farm, or the Dirty Mo or anywhere.  The late Bobby Tilley, winner of the Farm's First Pro Drag Series championship back in 1980,  seen here working on a guys Ford. Is an good of example of fellow racer lending a helping hand when they could. Bobby's son Chad Tilley has gone on to win bracket and Big Dog races.
I guess that's why I've aways been glad to be apart of should a great social group that call their selves DRAG RACERS.

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